Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Just a little more Christmasy progress


Yes, just a bit more progress has been made in the last couple of days.

Yesterday, we were able to decorate the tree.  We got out all of the ornament boxes and I chose which ones we would actually put on the tree.  (Last year, we didn't do this.  I decorated the tree by myself and used only vintage ornaments I'd found at my childhood home.)  In the process of decorating the tree yesterday, I found quite a few Christmas decorations I wanted to get rid of, and those went to the thrift store today.

Today I began wrapping, and packed a box for Nevada, including lots of cookies and some fudge.  Tomorrow, the next and hopefully final box will be packed.  (We ordered many of their gifts online.)

I also ordered the last of the Christmas gifts, some for grandsons, some for friends.  Just two more gift cards to buy, and a gift for one of the names we drew at church, and we will be done shopping.

Oh, and one rather large gift that I was sewing is nearly complete.  I have one more sewed gift to make, and all of the pieces for that are cut out.

Pretty encouraging progress, really!  We also went over and finished doing last minute things to winterize (so to speak) our little camp, including placing a Christmas wreath on the outside.  I hope passers-by find it a cheery touch all winter long!


  1. Will you be able to celebrate with family this year? Yesterday was the last day of "school at grammy's house" for the kids so I'm busy today cleaning and preparing for our son and his family to arrive from Kansas.

  2. Yes, we will celebrate with our son and his girls on Christmas Eve, and our local daughter and her family on Christmas afternoon.

    We won't see our Nevada family at Christmas (other than by Skype) but we hope to visit them in January or February if at all possible and see the new baby who was born December 2.


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