Monday, December 14, 2020

Christmasy progress as of today

 Just a little bit more progress to report.  Let's see.  

Yesterday Mr. T baked another batch of Christmas cookies -- Peanut Blossoms.  Those are the ones that are basically just peanut butter cookies with a Hershey's kiss in the center.

He also managed to get the Christmas tree up and assembled (it's a new one, but he's pleased with how well everything was marked and it went together fairly easily).  Later in the evening, we managed to get the lights on the tree.  I admit it, I'm sort of a stickler for lights and how they are arranged on the tree.    It annoys me when they are just draped from branch to branch with all of the cords showing, so when we put lights on our tree I like to tuck them well into the branches.  We've had pre-lit trees before and I always love how they look at first, but then it seems very quickly, after only a year or two, sections of the lights begin to go dark and we end up wrapping lights around the tree anyway.

Yesterday I eked out time to create several Shutterfly gifts -- one of them I already had well started and was just waiting for a decent sale -- so they are now in the works.

Today we took four of our local grandkids on a traditional outing we do with them every year.  We had to tweak it a bit due to the times we are currently living in, but we made it work and had fun.  I'll post more about this on my regular blog, hopefully tomorrow.

This afternoon Mr. T baked another batch of cookies -- chocolate with a Rolo pressed into the center of each.  While he did that, I cut out several gifts that will be easy sewing projects.  This evening I finished a crocheted gift I've been working on.

Really, when I write it all out, it seems as if quite a lot of Christmasy progress is happening!


  1. You two are dynamos. It must be the lack of sugar or the walking or something. 😁 I need to get cracking!

  2. Sounds like your holiday season is yummy and festive so far!


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