Thursday, December 24, 2020

Christmas Eve


 Today we did some last-minute baking: a double batch of chocolate spritz and then one batch of Christmas tree shaped spritz cookies.  We will be packaging up some cookies for folks who attend our Christmas play at church on Sunday, and we don't want to run out!

Today we also exchanged food gifts with our neighbors.  Our neighbor Walter makes a great sourdough rye bread, and his wife sent along a plate of treats as well.  In return, we gave them a nice assortment of cookies and fudge.

I finished up the last of the sewed gifts this morning ... nice to have that taken care of ... and got it all pressed and wrapped.  Got a few other gifts wrapped as well.

After supper, we took a short drive around some neighborhoods to check out the Christmas lights.  There were some really nice displays.  One house in particular took my eye.  It was all decked out in white lights, even the hedge in front of the house.  Snow on top of those hedge lights made it particularly pretty.  

Hope you've had a lovely Christmas Eve day!

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