Sunday, December 13, 2020

A fun reminder from Christmas 2019


 Last year our Nevada daughter sent us some wonderful photos of their Christmas preparations.  It was such a blessing, since we rarely get to be with them at Christmas.  It was such fun to see how the kids were getting into the Christmas spirit!  Above, you see Elliott and Micah decorating the tree.

Emily and Jerusha work on making cookie dough.
The girls make gingerbread cookies.  The two boys are working on another project in the background.
One of the boys strings colored lights on the fence.
The little lighted roof near the top left is the kids' fort.  It comes in for its share of Christmas decorating, too!

It made me so happy to pull out these photos and again watch the kids in their preparations for Christmas.  I hope that my readers enjoyed them, too.

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  1. That crew does an amazing job! I know that they are a big help to their parents.


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