Monday, December 21, 2020

A bit more progress


 Today I completely finished up writing the Christmas cards and got the last few into the mail!  Yes, it's about time, isn't it?

I also wrapped a half-dozen or more gifts.

My hubby packaged up 8 goody trays for his former co-workers (one of whom recently asked if he'd be delivering Christmas cookies this year!😄) and took them to a job site.  He also delivered a large crate of goodies to his former boss and family, who are good friends of ours.  And he took his mom cookies, fudge, muffins and clementines.

My Nevada daughter is having gifts for her sister and family sent to our house so I can wrap them.  About half of the items have arrived as of today.

My friend that I ordinarily walk with had shoulder surgery a couple weeks ago.  She loves my Little Apricot Fruitcakes, so I had to make one for her.  Rather than make the small loaves, I made a large loaf for her and her hubby.  That will be delivered tomorrow, along with a nice tray of cookies and fudge.

I'm continuing to work on a couple more crocheted gifts, and I have one more thing to sew.  Hopefully that gets done tomorrow.  Top secret!


  1. Please post the total number of goodies you and your husband have baked this season. Your kitchen as been very productive!


  2. Apricot fruitcake sounds so good. I must make one.
    Merry Christmas.


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