Thursday, December 10, 2020

I love a blue Christmas


 Yes, although I'm pretty traditional in my love for red and green, gold, silver, and white, I also love the vintage cards with a blue Christmas theme.  The one above isn't as "blue" as some, but that blue-sky background is pretty, isn't it?

As many readers know, I'm spending a lot of time scanning and listing vintage Christmas cards in my Etsy shop.  I think there are literally thousands still to list.  Yesterday, I came upon the beauties below and just had to share.  They will probably be going into the shop tomorrow.

The pastel blue candle above has actual star confetti sprinkled around it.  So pretty!  It also has holly and pine, but the holly berries appear to be mistletoe berries.  Artistic license, I guess!
The card above is more of a dull teal in color, but it still has a blue Christmas look to me.  I love the classy look of this design, with the textured candle, and the pretty ornaments, holly and pine arranged at its base.  Be still my heart!

Aren't they lovely?

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