Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Tentative baking list for 2020


What better way to start off December than with the tentative baking list?  (Although, as I looked over last year's posts, I see that I actually posted my tentative baking list in November!)

I've got ten varieties listed here, and probably will make several batches of most of these.  Probably I should actually say that Mr. T will bake several batches of each.  Retired now, he's itching to get started on the Christmas cookies!  (If anyone is interested in the recipes for these cookies, just do a search here on the blog and should be able to find them easily.  But I think most of my regular readers have these recipes by now.)

The Gingerbread Brownies are a new recipe I want to try.  It's from the Gooseberry Patch cookbook Christmas Comfort Classics, and the lady who shared the recipe noted that these brownies are a hit on her cookie trays every year.  They don't contain chocolate, but are a molasses gingerbread flavor and include white chocolate chips.

This cookbook is a new favorite of mine, and I hope to write a book review of it sometime this month.

I call this the "tentative baking list" for a reason.  Often I don't have time to bake all the varieties of cookies I plan to,  or spur of the moment I decide to try something different.  Or Mr. T finds a new recipe he wants to try!  One never knows ...

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  1. What an ambitious and delicious list of goodies! Looking forward to spending December on the blog with you.


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