Saturday, December 12, 2020

A fun Christmas event (and more)


 I don't have photos, but this afternoon we were able to attend our granddaughter Julia's orchestra concert, A Celtic Christmas.  It was amazing and delightful and included a little ballet put together by the students as well as a time of singing along with the orchestra in a number of Christmas carols.  Such a lovely time!  We are so thankful that Julia has the opportunity to learn violin and to participate in this wonderful little orchestra.

We took a tray of Mr. T's wonderful Christmas cookies to share after the concert.  The plate was emptied very quickly indeed!

This morning I went to a ladies' Bible study and it was such a blessing to be reminded of fulfilled prophecy.  It reminds us that we can completely, fully trust God's promises for the future no matter how crazy things get in our world.  

Other than these activities, the only really Christmasy things I did today involved plugging away at a couple of handcrafted Christmas gifts.  Hoping to put the tree up tomorrow!

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  1. Attending grandkids' performances is one of my favorite things!! So glad you were able to do so.


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