Saturday, December 05, 2020

The tentative candy-making list for 2020


Today's post is pretty simple: my 2020 candy-making list.  It's essentially the same as the list I made in 2019, but I may add one item to it.  I've included recipe links and some photos for those who wish to try them.

 🎄 Arlene’s Easy Fudge (Last time I made this, I used peanut butter chips instead of the butterscotch along with the chocolate -- and wow!)

🎄  Heavenly Delight

🎄  Special Holiday Fudge

🎄  Chocolate-Dipped Orange Slices

  🎄 Date-Nut Casserole Cookies

These are much more of a candy than a cookie -- a confection, you might say.  The batter is baked in a casserole, cooled slightly and rolled into balls, dipped in sugar. 

And I will likely try at least one more recipe:

🎄 Easy Salted Caramel Fudge

This is a recipe I found and posted for Christmas in July for 2019.  It looks easy and different.  

I think I have everything I need on hand to make all of these candies.  Since my hubby has pretty much taken over the cookie baking, there should be time for me to make candy and other kitchen gifts!

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