Tuesday, December 28, 2021

A smidgen more outdoor decorating


 Just posted some of our outdoor lighting over at my Kitchen Table blog, so now I'm adding just a bit more.  We didn't have a lot, but more than usual.  The trees that I posted about on my other blog are new this year, so you may wish to go over and read more about them, where they are located and how we chose to decorate them.

The flag at the top of this post is one we have on a flagpole mounted on a tree out by the end of our driveway.  We have it illuminated with a small solar light all year round, but Mr. T hadn't thought to get a  nighttime photo of it until he was outside snapping photos of our other lights.  It looks a bit Christmasy since it's on an evergreen tree.

Now the lights below are some that we light up every year.  These are the strings of colored lights with the large bulbs.  We've had them up there for years, tucked just inside the roof line of our garage.  We just have to replace a bulb or two from time to time.  Sometimes we place a lighted star (white lights) centered just below these.

The photo below pictures neither lights nor decorations, but our stacks of cookie tins that are keeping frozen on the front porch.  They are a little bit decorative, I guess -- and people do light up when they see a plate full of Christmas cookies!


  1. How wonderful to have a real live "freezer" on your front porch! Of course I know the "cost" of that freezer, and have chosen not to have one anymore...but I have wished that I could put some things out on the porch to keep cold when I can't fit one more thing in our refrigerator! LOL. Just doesn't happen here in Florida...it might get cold enough at night, but the sun in the daytime feels hot even when it's cold. LOL. I know my grandmother, many years ago when my daddy was little, used to put her tins of cookies on the stair steps leading up to their attic in Crafton, PA, and the kids were forbidden to get into them until Christmas. Sweet childhood memories. I love your lights and your flag. We put our flag out every day, but we normally take it in at night or in the rain. I enjoy the ritual of putting it out each morning at sunrise. Very thankful for our American Flag. Amen!!! Happy New year!

  2. Love the cold storage that a New Hampshire front porch affords! That was a fun story about the cookie tins on your grandmother's attic stairs! Precious memories ...😊


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