Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Gorgeous card featuring an entire cabinet of Christmas treats!


Here is a really fun vintage Christmas card that is just so appropriate to feature in my Christmas Kitchen!   I'm guessing that this is from sometime in the 1970s.  Cards then, approaching or around the time of our country's bicentennial in 1976, often had a handmade, antique type vibe.

This shows Christmas goodies within a cupboard, presumably with glass doors through which one can see just what is on the shelves of this handmade, hand-painted cabinet.

Inside, with the doors open, one can more easily see the contents.  Looks like a different plum pudding on both top and bottom shelf.  Jars and other containers filled with Christmas cookies and candy!  Lots of crisp red apples.  There's a jar of candy canes on the center shelf and some of the gorgeous, fun fruit slice candies.  Pretty sweet!

Hope you've enjoyed seeing this fun and fanciful vintage Christmas card!


  1. Love it!! Everything looks so delightful and delicious! I love how the artist did that. Thank you for sharing that "sweet" card. And yes, it would be perfect for your Christmas kitchen!! I would love to visit your Christmas kitchen for real. I can imagine it must always smell so delightful!! Have a Happy New Year!!

    1. There's certainly a bakery atmosphere to my Christmas kitchen during this season! 🎄 I too wish you could visit!

  2. That is a well stocked treats pantry! It is a darling card.

  3. I thought so, too! I get so distracted by the fun details of cards. No wonder it takes me so long to write listings! 😉


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