Friday, December 03, 2021

Making a list for kitchen gifts

 On Wednesday we talked about making a list for Christmas cookie baking.  Today let's consider a list for Christmas kitchen gifts in general.  Mine includes a couple varieties of cookies that specific people on my list particularly enjoy, as well as candy, snack mixes, little fruitcakes, and more.

 Are there certain people on your Christmas gift list to whom you give food gifts every year?  If so, you will want to jot those gifts on this list.  Several folks on my list get cinnamon pretzels and Christmas granola -- which is just my regular granola with pistachios and dried cranberries added.  I usually make hot chocolate mix for certain folks, and Special Holiday Fudge for my youngest daughter.  I had never realized how much she liked that fudge until one Christmas she asked if I could send some.  Of course, I was only too happy to do so, and have continued to do so since that time.

Two special ladies on my list get plates of Eggnog Logs and Sacher Torte Cookies -- I typically find plates on sale after Christmas to use for this purpose-- and my walking partner gets Apricot Cake.  

I have Bran Muffins on the list, as I always give some to my mother-in-law along with a bag of clementines and some hot chocolate mix.  But this year I think I will tweak it and bake different muffins -- maybe something gingerbread-ish or something with cranberries.  I just don't care for that bran muffin recipe anymore myself, so she may be ready for a change as well!

So, after making that list, check it again for needed ingredients and add them to your grocery list, so you can be sure you have those on hand. 

Happy kitchen gifting!


  1. Since I live alone I don't cook anymore ! It's not worthwhile for one person and baking I have never done. My mother was a specialist in making Christmas cookies !

  2. Wonderful ideas! Thank you. I am not physically able this year to do so much baking, but I still love the ideas and would love to receive any of these things as gifts!


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