Thursday, December 23, 2021

The many vintage faces of Santa


 I don't mention Santa a whole lot here in my Christmas kitchen.  Growing up, we always pretty much knew that our gifts from Santa and our stocking stuffers were really from my parents.  My mother could recall vividly how betrayed her much younger brother felt when he realized how his older siblings had "lied" to him about Santa.  I suppose that's why she encouraged us to think of Santa Claus as a nice fairy tale -- but the tags on the "Santa gifts" always bore my mom's neat printing.

We did the same with our own kids -- Santa was a fun fairy tale to read about -- the book Jolly Old Santa Claus, with its gorgeous illustrations (see one of them below), was a favorite -- but he didn't really bring any gifts, couldn't grant any wishes, and he definitely wasn't all-seeing or all-knowing.

Still, vintage Christmas cards featuring Santa Claus abound, and it's fun to see his various faces and activities, so I'm going to share a few of my finds here.  All have been in my Etsy shop; some have sold and others have yet to sell.  But they are popular!

Looks like he is holding onto his hat with green-mittened hands.

This sign-painting Santa is rotund!

Leaning on a candy cane

Playing a tambourine

Classic chimney entrance

The windblown look

Cruising city streets in a green jalopy

With sweet baby deer

Leaning on a candy cane

Listening to a child.  Classic Marjorie Cooper.

Swinging on a candy cane

Getting the reindeer ready

Hopping aboard the Christmas train!

A skating Santa!

This Santa adorns a cocktail-size paper napkin

A winking Santa
And a merry music box Santa!

Hope this has been fun for all you lovers of Christmas vintage!


  1. I love all vintage Santas. Thanks for posting. Wishing you peace, joy and good health for 2020. Thelma xo

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed seeing the vintage Santa cards, Thelma! Hope you have a wonderful new year in 2022!


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