Saturday, July 29, 2023

Holiday Desserts -- a festive 1993 cookbooklet


Yes, surprising as it may seem, 1993 is now vintage.  Here is another booklet I came across in a kitchen drawer at the old homestead.  This one is in mint condition and will soon be offered for sale in my Etsy shop.  It has a glitzy, elegant look that makes it most attractive.  I've seen a number of these recipes singly in Christmas magazines over the years, but it's so handy to have them all together.

Here's the blurb from the inside front cover:

"Now Baker's, Diamond Walnuts, and Jell-O are making it easier than ever to create luscious holiday desserts at home.  We've selected our favorite holiday recipes -- fudgy brownies, nutty cookies, tempting pies and cakes, and brought them together for you in this booklet -- all quick, all easy, all very festive.  Perfect for family get-togethers and great as gifts, these treats will add a delicious touch of sweetness to your holiday season."

Recipes include One-Bowl Brownies, Cream Cheese Brownies, and Walnut Crunch Brownies,

Thumbprints, Super Chocolate Chunk Cookies, Delectabites, Chocolate Walnut Bars, 

Double Layer Pumpkin Pie, No Bake Mini Cheesecakes, 

One Bowl Chocolate Fudge (with four variations),  Triple Dipped Treats,

German Sweet Chocolate Pie, Caribbean Fudge Pie, Praline Dream Pie, 

Spiced Cranberry Orange Mold, Holiday Poke Cake,

Coconut Candy Bar Cake, Coconut Snowballs, and Baker's Best Macaroons.

This certainly puts me in the baking mood!  What about you?


  1. They all sound so yummy, but I am having to be so careful about eating sweets these days, so I am avoiding most even though they look very tempting. I love these old "vintage" recipe books...yes it is strange that 1993 would be considered "vintage" now. Not sure what the criteria is for many years? I probably have quite a few "vintage" items sitting around. Time has crept up on me. Have a blessed rest of your weekend and summer.

  2. You too, Pam! I feel your "pain" -- I am avoiding sugar and carbs for the most part. But in New England during summer, one has to have ice cream, so we are doing that and just sharing one instead of each getting our own.

    And I am likely to be trying some of these recipes around Christmas time!

  3. Those sound so good! it's about time to start thinking of what we want to make for the Holidays this year


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