Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Christmas Eve

It's been quite a day, filled with busyness and activity, but I just want to share a quick post this evening.

When I scanned the vintage card above, I titled it "Christmas Eve Service" because, although it's still light outside, the church is all lighted up and people are coming to it from every direction. 

Usually on Christmas Eve we have our two oldest granddaughters over for supper and gift exchanging.  This year one of them wasn't feeling well at all and so we reluctantly decided to postpone. 

That opened up the unexpected and last-minute opportunity to attend a candlelight Christmas Eve service at a church in another town.  Our church had been invited to this but Mr. T and I hadn't planned to go, since we had a previous commitment with our grandkids.

Long story short, we attended and were so blessed.  Our Christmas Eve turned out to be very different from the usual, and very different from what we had planned, but it was a true blessing and the message gave us much to ponder.

So thankful that even when our path takes a different turn than we expect, God is in full control and He always has a plan for the detours.


  1. Yes, He does. Sometimes when I have detours like that I remind myself that I may have a Divine Appointment that I didn't realize was scheduled! Merry Christmas

    1. That's right! By the time my hubby got home from work and we ate a quick supper of cheese, crackers and apple slices we had to head right out for the service about 35 minutes away. It was a rich blessing to us and we were thankful we had made the effort.


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