Tuesday, December 10, 2019

"Greetings" -- another lovely Christmas poem

Here's another special Christmas poem from the 1955 Ideals Greetings at Christmas.  This one is by Lucile Naylor and captures the feeling of my childhood Christmases perfectly.


There's mistletoe; there's holly; 
And whispering, and smiles; 
There are parcels needing wrapping,
To be sent across the miles.

There are snowflakes lightly falling;
The Christmas season's here --
I hear Santa loudly calling
To his spirited reindeer.

There are candles to be lighted; 
I hear sleigh bells from afar;
Then there comes to mind a wee Babe,
And a brilliant, guiding star.

Let our hearts be filled with gladness,
And our spirits lifted high;
Let us breathe a prayer of joy and peace
As Christmas Day draws nigh.
-- Lucile Naylor

So many talented writers have written Christmas poems.  I have so enjoyed browsing through the old Ideals that I loved so much as a child and appreciating them even more as an adult.  Hope these are a blessing to someone else as well.


  1. Great poem. I really love those old Ideals. I used to look at the magazine called Country. I would often buy them for the beautiful pictures of our country to hang on the bulletin boards in my classroom. They always had a poem on the back cover. I don't buy so many magazines anymore, but I enjoyed those as well.

  2. I so enjoyed the poem, Mrs. T. I have always loved poetry, ever since I was a little girl. It captures my thoughts of Christmases as a child perfectly. I may use it next week in my post because I will be talking about that very thing. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I remember those Ideals magazine. This is a beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing. Thelma..

  4. My mother’s former English teacher and next-door neighbor gave her a subscription to Ideals for years and years. I loved them, too, but when it came time for making decisions, I passed on them. This makes me feel quite conflicted.

  5. Thanks for sharing :)


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