Sunday, December 15, 2019

Christmas cards featuring fireplaces

Over the years, many Christmas cards have featured cozy hearths and fireplaces as a recurring theme.  I thought I would show you just a few from my collection, and some that will also probably end up in my Etsy shop eventually.  Here goes!
Oh, the details in this scene!
Lots of merry details in this one too.  Love the stockings hung with care.
One of the older cards in my  collection.  Love the scorched, curled edges on this scene.
This is actually a sweet scene on the inside of a card!
An older scene, probably from a postcard.  This is an image I found somewhere, but all of the others are cards that I own.
Not a fireplace, but a parlor stove
Love the tea set waiting on the little round table
A colonial style fireplace
A fireplace scene by the inimitable Tasha Tudor
A card from the 1960s
Hope you've enjoyed this look at some Christmas coziness from years gone by.  As the wind howls outside our house tonight, I'd love to have a fireplace like one of these!


  1. I’d choose the third one for the wingback chair. (Then I’d imagine it as a recliner. 😉) For sheer art’s sake, I like the parlor stove best.

  2. I Always enjoy seeing your vintage cards. Fireplaces , what's not to love about them?


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