Friday, December 27, 2019

Friday five for December 27

Time to count a few blessings from the week!

1.  Time with friends.  A couple of good days for walking with my friend Rachel.  Our friend Noah for supper with us last Friday night, and then our friends Sam and Jenn and their boys with us for supper and gifts last evening. 
2.  A great outing with four of our local grands last Saturday.  Brunch, Christmas shopping, and ice cream.  It's our tradition and was such a fun day!

3.  Being able to attend a lovely Christmas Eve candlelight service.  It hadn't been in our plans, but it was in God's plan.  A wonderfully encouraging time.

4.  A wonderful Christmas day.  We prepared a nice festive breakfast for ourselves, then Mr. T delivered a few food gifts while I cooked and also wrapped some gifts.  We squeezed in a brief Skype visit with the Nevada family before heading to our local daughter's home.  We enjoyed a scrumptious dinner, opened and enjoyed gifts together, and laughed a lot while playing games.  Very relaxing.  I needed that.  Carrie has such a flair for seasonal decorating.  I loved the little woodland vignette on a kitchen counter, below:

5.  This girl, now a busy mom of six living in a faraway state, turns 41 today.  So thankful for her!  Here she is pictured with her traditional birthday tree many years ago!
That does it for this week!

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