Friday, December 13, 2019

Friday five for December 13

Here's a quick Friday five for today's Christmas kitchen post:

1.  A lovely Christmas party at my hubby's work last week, with the added component of celebrating his retirement.  Scrumptious food and good company.  He received several thoughtful and generous gifts as well.

2.  The fun of sharing some of my collected vintage images with a fellow blogger who'll be using them in a book project.

3.  Being able to get out and walk every day this week.  Some of the days were cold, but it was still good to get out.

4.  This little girl in Nevada turned 4 years old yesterday!  Wish we got to see her more often, but with retirement on the horizon for my hubby, maybe we will get to see her a bit more frequently.

5.  The fun of hosting a simple cookie swap here at my home last evening.  It was a very small group of ladies that gathered, but we did have a good time.  I had asked everyone to bring a "sweet thought" in addition to their cookies and other goodies.  I suggested a memory, a testimony, a Scripture verse -- really, any sweet thought  Everyone took part, and a good many of the thoughts were from Scripture.  It was very interesting to see what they all came up with.
Not our cookie swap.  This is a photo from a 1950s magazine.
And there is this week's Friday five!


  1. Congrats on Mr T's retirement. And like you, I know how hard it is not to see the grands very often. I was so blessed to grow up near my grandparents.

  2. Congratulations to Mr T on his retirement, I see some great trips on the horizon for two grandparents! ~wink~
    I can only imagine how much fun the cookie swap was, great ideas you had to make it extra special!
    I also am so thankful for time to walk outside this week, though yesterday was a complete washout, so much rain.
    Enjoyed your favorite Fives,
    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Your little grandgirlie is so cute! I hope that you will have more time for visits in the new year with retirement a done deal. Glad that Mr. T’s coworkers and friends honored him well. And I am glad gor the women who attended the cookie swap...just the ones whom God wanted there,

  4. Congratulations on that retirement. I do hope there are trips to see grands coming up. I love the cookie swap idea. I haven't done one in a very long time.

  5. Congratulations on your husband's retirement! If you find yourself coming out to Nevada, remember Arizona is just a state away... it would be fun to meet in person. Your cookie exchange sounds fun. I love the idea of having everyone bring a "sweet thought".

  6. Lovely picture of your granddaughter. Congrats to your husband on his retirement


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