Monday, December 09, 2019

Off to a slow start

I seem to be off to a bit of a slow start this morning as far as blogging is concerned.  Usually I try to write and schedule my December posts ahead of time, but this year I've not done as well with that.  Today I thought I would simply pop in and mention my progress with Christmas preparations and some of what we've been up to.

The first few Christmas cards have arrived, so I need to get cards in the mail to those folks.  I've sent out maybe a dozen cards already.

On Saturday Mr. T and I found time for a little coffee date.  Always fun. 

I'm slowly working my way through the Christmas baking list.  So also on Saturday, I baked Whipped Shortbread Cookies  (pictured above).  This is one cookie that I must admit does not turn out as well with the Bob's Red Mill 1-to-1 gluten free baking flour.  My cookies were very fragile and crumbly, although they do look pretty.  I'm going to keep them on hand for gluten-free friends, but I'm also going to bake another batch with regular flour.  If you prefer gluten free, I recommend you turn to this recipe instead: Gluten Free Whipped Shortbread
I pulled out the ingredients to make a batch of fudge, but that hasn't happened yet.

Am also considering what I will serve for hearty appetizers at a cookie swap later this week.  A cheese log and crackers for sure, and maybe something else also.  Need to decide what cookie recipe to try, also.  I have one in mind but am not sure yet.  I'll keep you posted!

 Saturday evening we went to Mr. T's company Christmas party, which was doubling as his retirement party.  Lots of scrumptious food, good company, and kind words and gifts for my hard-working hubby. 

Sunday afternoon, we got the Christmas tree inside and got the lights on it.  This was once a pre-lit tree, but bit by bit the lights have stopped working.  This year we didn't even bother with them, just strung it with regular white lights.  Below you see the tree last year.  Looking at this, I see we really need more lights on the tree.  Wonder if Mr. T can be talked into this ...

I've been working on some Felt Pancakes for a December birthday gift, and need to get those finished today so I can pack the birthday box and schedule a delivery to get it on its way to Nevada.  I bought a plaid melamine plate to send with the pancakes as a serving platter.

Guess I need to go and get busy, but that's where I am at in Christmasy preparations as of December 9.  How about you?


  1. I think the tree looks perfect. I don't think I will ever go with the prelit again after my Christmas Eve lack of lights a few years ago. I think we see so many of those these days that we get this image that the old draping of lights doesn't look as well, but I think yours looks perfect. I actually baked some cookies yesterday evening. My first Christmas baking. Gluten free chocolate chips. Now to not eat so many myself.

  2. You had a busy weekend! Your tree looks lovely and thanks for the tip on the gluten-free flour in the cookie recipe. Congratulations to Mr. T on his retirement!

  3. Beautiful tree! Those prelit trees are wonderful when they work. In my case, it worked for two years then kaput. Never again. The new tree is not prelit. I see that you’ve been busy posting and I have not been keeping up. 🙃

  4. I love the felt food, it is Always so pretty.


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