Monday, December 30, 2019

Some after-Christmas deals

Over the weekend I found a few after-Christmas deals.  They aren't necessarily super deals, because the places where I shopped had only discounted Christmas merchandise by 50% at that time.  Still, I was pleased with the prices for what I found.

We browsed a bit in Walmart on Friday evening, but I ended up buying only a package of Christmas cards.  When their Christmas stuff goes to 75% off, I will go back and see about some Christmas plates to use for next year's cookie plates.  That area had too many people in it on Friday night for me to be able to take a good look.

On Saturday afternoon, we checked out the Dollar Tree.  Since that is one of my favorite places to buy tins and jars for kitchen gifts, I hoped to do well there.  But no -- other than consumables like candy items and a few odd plastic things like lighted snowmen and solar lights, everything else Christmas had been packed away for next year!  The Christmas merchandise on sale literally filled only two shopping carts! 

Marshalls yielded a much better haul.  I got two pretty mugs, a roll of wrapping paper, a gorgeous red speckled cookie sheet (not a Christmas item, but on clearance -- I got it for $5!) and a set of festive pillowcases. 
Above is a closer look at the mugs.  I didn't realize until getting home that they pretty much coordinate.  Two different brands but similar with the colors and the black and white checks.  They will make nice gifts for someone.

At CVS on Sunday afternoon, I came out with two rolls of wrapping paper and a package of printed tissue paper.  The striped roll below is from Marshalls, and the snowflake and pine cone ones from CVS.  The snowflake paper is by far the best deal!  It has 130 square feet.  Once I saw that, I would have left the pine cone one behind, but my hubby really liked it so we bought both.

And then on Sunday evening at Ocean State Job Lot, I got an assortment of gift bags, some foldable boxes for cookies or other kitchen gifts, and another package of printed gift tissue.

 These are smallish gift bags but it's a size I use often.  They are kraft paper with classy designs.  The ones with trees say "Have a warm and cozy holiday".  These bags were 25¢ each!
 These packages of 8 paper sacks were each 75¢.  I had quite a supply of these on hand but depleted it somewhat this year.  I like the designs.
These are the foldable cookie boxes.  They have a cellophane window in them.  A little different from any I've bought before.  There are 2 boxes in each pack and they were 99¢ each.

 Above is a closer look at the cookie sheet.  Only $5!  I was so thrilled to find this.  I had a lovely, but battered tin cookie sheet (the type with the pressed in design) that had belonged to my grandmother.  I didn't use it for cookies, but it was perfect for other things like cooking bacon in the oven or roasting vegetables.  I took a meal to a church friend using this vintage cookie sheet, lined with a dish towel, as a tray.  Not the best idea.  When the dishes were returned to the church, someone threw my tin away.  True, it was only an object, but the sentimental value was great, and the size had been so handy for kitchen tasks! 

This new one is not only pretty, but it's just about exactly the same size as the one I lost and has a much nicer finish.  I see it as God replacing my cookie sheet!
 I got the hot cinnamon tea at Ocean State Job Lot.  Not on clearance, but it is a limited edition and was only 2.99.  It will be a nice warming tea for winter.

The pillow cases (3.99 at Marshalls) are at right.  I love the reindeer and snowflake design!  You can't see it well in the photo, but there is a subtle touch of metallic silver in the fabric.  They came in a nifty fabric case that closes with velcro.  Not sure what I will do with that, but I will make use of it some way.  When their clearance goes to 75% off, I plan to go back and see if there are more Christmas pillow cases.  They had more sweet designs, and if I could get them for $2 they would make great gifts.
 Last but not least, the tissue paper.  The one in front, with the snowflakes and candy stripes, is from Ocean State Job Lot, and package in back, with the Christmas lights and polka dots, is from CVS.

Hope you've found some good after-Christmas deals in your area!


  1. Very nice finds! I have only been to Dollar General since Christmas and got a few things. Hoping to go to Wal-Mart on New Years Day and they have stuff at 90% off if any left.

  2. Yes, I hope to go to Walmart on Thursday and see what they have left. I like to get a couple of Christmas plates each year to use for gifting cookies the following Christmas.


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