Thursday, December 26, 2019

A few Christmas cards with trees and deer

Here are a few more lovely Christmas cards from days gone by.  These images include trees and deer.  Enjoy!  (Edited to add a few more cards today.)

I think the embossed snowflake card with the forest scene (at top) is particularly beautiful and quite unusual.
A tree on a tree branch.  How fun!
These green trees are gorgeous!
Santa is recruiting deer, apparently
So sweet
Sweet forest creatures at the mailboxes
This gorgeous blue scene is captivating.
A poem printed inside the blue card above.  Love it!
So pretty
This one is glittery!  Double click it as I can't make it larger ...
A card with a decidedly "modern" look -- probably from the late 1960s
 Hope you've enjoyed these tranquil  (and some whimsical) forest scenes.  I find myself drawn to the tranquil ones this year.


  1. So good that you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas. I did as well. Of these selections, I really like the second, though snowflakes that large would give me cause for alarm. 😊

  2. Artistic license on the size of the snowflakes, I presume! I do love the green hues in that card.

    So happy that you had a wonderful Christmas and I will enjoy whatever you write about it, I'm sure! I finally got back to comment on a few of your posts. I've felt as if I've been meeting myself coming and going lately. Think life is going to settle down a bit once Mr. T is truly retired!


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