Saturday, December 14, 2019

Sale at my Etsy shop

It's a busy, busy Saturday, but in the interests of posting here every day, I'll just let you all know about the sale going on right now at my Etsy shop, A New Hampshire Attic.

Now through December 19, all listings in the "Vintage Christmas" category are 20% off, a pretty substantial discount.  I hope to list a few more items throughout the week, but we will see.  Life is busy indeed right now!


  1. Crazy busy and you’re still plugging away. Hope the Etsy shop sells out! This graphic is so cute. I’ll be at Hussey’s General Store soon and it sure reminds me of this...wood floors and all.

  2. Wow! Hussey's General Store sounds like an amazing place all right! Wedding gowns, no less ... I looked it up. And wood floors! In my kids' childhood there was a five and dime in a nearby town. It had the wooden floors that creaked when you walked on them, and actual penny candy. A nifty place. The kids were blessed to visit there often. They took piano lessons in that town and my dad would often take them to the dime store when he drove them to lessons.

    The graphic is a scan of a Christmas card my family sent in the 1960s. For whatever reason, this one was signed but never sent. It's a Sunshine Card.

  3. General store - makes me think of the Little House in the Prairie series where they had everything in that store.
    Hope you had a good day of sales


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