Saturday, December 21, 2019

My December hutch

Just a couple of photos of my December hutch.  I used what I had stashed inside the hutch and corner cupboard to decorate it.  I did not take time to get anything out of the attic, for I wanted to complete this just after Thanksgiving.  I kept it simple.  At the tippety-top is my vintage Christmas shadow box that I created out of a red-painted wooden silverware tray.  You can read how I did it here: Making a Christmas shadow box.

Here's a closer look at the other shelves.

I just had to use a good bit of my small collection of jadeite.  The plates with the pretty crimped edges, the tea cups, and the mug are all dishes that we used at our little summer cottage.  The ironstone soup tureen on the bottom shelf is a family heirloom from my grandfather's family, and the small green-rimmed cup holding the peppermint sticks is one that my mother treasured.

The little green pickup truck is a find from my childhood toybox, and the tiny teacup salt shaker (in front of the milk bottle) is from the Colonial Homestead line -- a set of which is still being used at my extended family's summer camp on Ellsworth Pond.  I have collected bits and pieces of this line on my own and am a long way from having a complete set, but love the ones I have. 

On the top shelf, the small cardinal teapot is from Yankee Candle, the middle plate is from Gooseberry Patch, and the poinsettia mug is a find from Marshalls a couple of years ago.  The small jar candle in the middle, in front of the colorful plate, is a balsam candle from Tall Timber Lodge in  the Great North Woods.

The three plates on the middle shelf are Walmart finds.  On this shelf there's also a small round container which holds a Christmas game.

The little cardinals were a gift from a friend and the milk bottle held eggnog from a local dairy in 1994.  The place mat under the soup tureen was found in some things a friend was getting rid of.

All very simple, but it suits me this year.  


  1. It is charming. Each item has a story...wonder why your mother treasured the small cup. There’s always a reason. Hope that all is going well with preps and planning. I think I am a bit behind. 😳

    1. Thank you, Vee! Yes, every item does have a story, particularly the older ones. And I am not sure what the story is behind the treasured small cup. My mother had it filled with Q-tips and kept it on display in her bathroom. There are so many things I never thought to ask about.

      I was definitely a bit behind in preps and planning. Today (the day after Christmas) all I feel like doing is sleeping. But I have supper guests coming, so had better do some planning and preparing for that! I had thought to make a quick grocery run this morning, but I just don't have the heart for it. I'll make do with what we have on hand ...

  2. What a lovely blog you have! Nice photos, too. Lots of love in your words. Thank you so much for stopping by Writing Straight from the Heart the other day. Please feel free to visit any time. May you and your family have a beautiful and blessed Christmas, Mrs. T. Susan

    1. Thank you so much, Susan! I'm thankful you enjoyed your visit here in my Christmas kitchen, and I hope you'll come again. There are loads of posts in the archives that may be of interest to you.

      We did have a wonderful Christmas, and I hope that you and yours did, as well.


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