Friday, December 26, 2014

They don't make 'em like they used to

A scan of my December/January 1996 Taste of Home
Every couple of months, I like to get out my stash of older Taste of Home magazines for the particular season we're in.  I do this with my Cook & Tell newsletters as well, and invariably I find some neat recipes I had forgotten about, or ones I had meant to try and never got around to.

This year I apparently have been busy as the seasons have changed.  I got out my August/September issues and that was it.

Yesterday I went hunting for a squash recipe I wanted to try for Christmas dinner.  I found, surprisingly, that I had not gotten out my Christmas Taste of Homes (or, for that matter, the October/November ones).  I did so, then and there, and quickly located the recipe I had in mind.  It was delicious, too, and I will share the link on my other blog.

As I browsed through the stack of issues, I decided I would leave these out for awhile and go through them slowly to enjoy them again.  It struck me how beautiful the covers were on those older issues, how they just invited a person to open the magazine and be inspired by the recipes and even the decorating ideas to be gleaned from the photos.  Sort of like the Ideals of cooking magazines.  I was reminded of  how eagerly I awaited my December/January issues and how I could hardly wait to open them and see all the great ideas people had shared for Christmas cooking and baking.  I thought I would share a few of these lovely covers with you.  I would imagine the back issues may be found for sale online somewhere.
December/January 2002
 Doesn't that just make you want to bake some festive yeast breads for kitchen gifts next year?
December/January 2003
Cookies, cookies and more cookies!  Even though my freezer is fully stocked with a variety of Christmas cookies, I'm always up for trying a new recipe!
December/January 1997
If, like me, you have a stash of Taste of Home back issues, why not get them out now and browse through them?  I'll be making a list of recipes to try for next Christmas.  You might like to join me!


  1. The one thing I regret throwing away in one of my get-rid-of-all-clutter spells is my stash of old Taste of Home magazines! I thought looking online would be the same, but there's just something about looking through the magazines.

  2. Isn't that true, Susan? I do visit the online site when searching for a recipe, etc. But the magazines, especially the older ones, were wonderful.

  3. I am decluttering magazines but keeping my Christmas ones. And the best time to look at them is January when you have lots of time to enjoy them

  4. That is so true, Luludou! I truly enjoy looking through my Christmas magazines in January. It is still wintry outdoors and I'm still somewhat in the Christmas mood. It also usually jumpstarts me in into my crafting for next Christmas. I would love to make ornaments all year round if only I could find the time.


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