Monday, December 08, 2014

A Christmasy quote and a list of goals

A scan of a favorite Christmas card by Kathy Lawrence
First, the quote:

"Christmas will always be in the hearts of God's children everywhere as they extend a helping hand to a friend in need ... as they go about reflecting God's goodness in the little quiet and unheralded expressions of a loving heart ... as they share the light of the world with those who live in darkness."
-- Jane Hillsmen

What a wonderful way to live in every season!  There are so few who seek to show the world an accurate representation of God in everyday life.  More of us need to make that a goal.

Now my Christmas-related goals for the week:
* Finish crafting two gifts
* Put up Christmas tree in our bedroom
* Wrap some gifts
* Attend a couple of Christmas parties
*  Send some Christmas cards
* Bake some more Christmas cookies
* Plan gifts for the names we drew at church
* Do a few cleaning tasks in the kitchen and bedroom so I can decorate those areas
* Hopefully mail out some of our gifts to faraway family
* Do a special Christmas activity with three of our grandchildren

And there will probably be more!


  1. Good idea to goal set each week as Christmas draws closer and closer! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. You are welcome, Terri! I have to have lists of goals or I just wouldn't get much accomplished. I write a time schedule out each day too in half-hour increments. Not everything gets done each day, but at least I am making an attempt!

  3. I keep redoing my list of goals every week... but I am slowly getting there :)
    some new d├ęcorations this year... kitchen curtains (red & white plaid from a tablecloth), a plaid red and white throw... now I need to make a few pillows.

  4. Good for you, Luludou! Slow and steady wins the race!

    Your curtains sound wonderful! I want to make some Christmas curtains for my dining room, but probably won't get those done until the new year. At least my handmade gifts are almost done!


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