Monday, December 15, 2014

A Christmas quote and this week's goal list

The inside of one of my small vintage cards
 Here is a lovely quote (probably from a greeting card originally) by Emily Matthews:

"From home to home, and heart to heart, from one place to another
The warmth and joy of Christmas brings us closer to each other."

Lovely, isn't it?

Now, my Christmas-related goals list for this week:
* Finish crafting two gifts
* Put up Christmas tree in our bedroom
* Wrap some gifts
* Possibly attend a Christmas party
*  Send some Christmas cards
* Bake some more Christmas cookies
* Make gifts for the names we drew at church
* Plan and put together a gift for Mr. T's boss and family
* Mail our gifts to faraway family

And here is how last week went:
* Finish crafting two gifts -- not quite finished, though I'm very close
* Put up Christmas tree in our bedroom -- not done
* Wrap some gifts -- not done
* Attend a couple of Christmas parties -- went to one; the other was rescheduled
*  Send some Christmas cards -- not done
* Bake some more Christmas cookies -- baked a couple more varieties
* Plan gifts for the names we drew at church -- done!
* Do a few cleaning tasks in the kitchen and bedroom so I can decorate those areas -- pretty much done
* Hopefully mail out some of our gifts to faraway family -- not done
* Do a special Christmas activity with three of our grandchildren -- done!

Obviously, I must have a more productive week this week!


  1. Your goals list makes me feel like such a slacker. You must have a super power of some kind. Then I read your list from yesterday and felt much better. Life seems to get in the way of my "TO DO" list also. Last week, for me, it was a power outage for three days. I still don't have my outdoor Christmas lights up and they are very simple. On an up note, today I did finally get the splinter out of my finger from stoking the fire with wood during the power outage.

    I really like the idea of using my Christmas dishes all during December. Getting them down, washed and ready for use, just went on my "TO DO" list for tomorrow.


  2. Oh, Jane! I am just now replying to your comment. I am so sorry. I really intend to reply to comments shortly after they are published, but for some reason life went a little crazy in December and January and I am now finding all of these comments I never answered.

    Oh, I hear you on the wood splinters. We have a wood furnace and I am in charge of it during the day. Our old wood furnace would go for many hours without needing more wood. With this one, I have to check it every hour or two. The firebox is smaller and I find myself with splinters on a regular basis as I manhandle the pieces of wood. Ugh. But it beats being cold!

    Did you use your Christmas dishes all through December as planned? I did -- so much fun. In fact, I am still using them since it's still very cold and snowy here!


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