Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My "Christmas Cookie Exchange" Pinterest board, part 2

A page from one of my vintage Christmas magazines
Yesterday, over on my regular blog, I posted about my Christmas Cookie Exchange! Pinterest board and shared a few of the recipe pictures and links for recipes I want to try.  Today, I am sharing a few more here.  All three of these are from bhg.com.

Cinnamon Roll Cookies look different and very delicious.
Photo from bhg.com
Then there are these cute Chocolaty Melting Snowmen.

Photo from bhg.com
 And these Mini Raspberry White Chocolate Whoopie Pies look wonderful, though perhaps a bit fussy to make.

Photo from bhg.com
There are many more recipes on my Cookie Exchange board, as well as on both blogs.  Happy baking!


  1. Hi Mrs. T! These look like they would be yummy! Christmas cookies are my favorite! Hope you are having a fun Christmas season!

  2. Wow, I guess I was having a *busy* Christmas season! (And it was a fun one, too.) I cannot believe I never replied to this comment. I'm so sorry, Mrs. Smith!

    Christmas cookies are my favorite too. Did you try any special recipes this year?


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