Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Baking progress

We have made a little progress on the baking front.  Mr. T is baking more gingersnaps as we speak, having eaten up all of the gingersnap coconut creams he made earlier.  He has also made whipped shortbread, eggnog logs,  and a second double batch of chocolate spritz.

I've made some date casserole cookies and some sacher torte cookies, plus have helped with some of his baking.  And yesterday I made some delicious candies, which I hope to share on one of the blogs tomorrow.

And, as you can see, our list keeps growing!

What sorts of Christmas cookies are being baked at your house?


  1. I used to have a baking list like that when my children were growing up. Every Christmas I made fifteen kinds of sweets. I sure miss those days and having my little boys around. This year I made two fruit cakes, donuts, and sugar plum cookies. I will make some fudge one of these days after the cookies are gone.

    Happy New Year,

  2. Oh yes, I made many kinds of cookies when the children were growing up. We always gave plates and plates of them to our neighbors and some of the relatives. This year (I just counted) we made eleven kinds of cookies, plus several types of candy. My hubby did a lot of the baking. I did just enough of it so that it seemed like fun to me.

    We keep them in the freezer and take cookie and fudge trays to gatherings we attend. At church we have a potluck every week, and a cookie/fudge tray is the dessert Mr. T and I bring for as long as the frozen cookies hold out!

    Your treats sound yummy too! Have a blessed 2015!
    Mrs. T


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