Sunday, December 14, 2014

"Lord, Bless the Cards We've Written"

Vintage card from my collection
In browsing through a used Christmas book given to me by a friend, I came across a very timely poem reminding me how all of our Christmas preparations should be done with an eye to pointing others to the Lord.  Have you ever prayed and asked God to use your Christmas cards in the lives of others?  Here's the poem:

 Myrtle Beeler Day

Lord, bless the cards we've written;
May they bear a joyous greeting.
Bless the gifts we've wrapped and tied;
May they radiate Thy love.
Bless the wreaths that we have hung
In doorway, stair, and hall;
May they speak of life eternal.
Thy dominion over all.
Bless the lovely candle
Shining forth into the night;
May it carry far and wide
The wondrous message of Thy light.
Bless all the sweet traditions of Thy dear, holy birth;
May they lead us in the worship of
The Savior, Lord of earth.

There are some wonderful thoughts there and some timely prayer requests!


  1. I missed this! I think I will include this cute little poem on the back of next year's cards. How adorable!

  2. I am glad you enjoyed the poem, Terri! What a nice idea to include it on the back of your Christmas cards!


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