Friday, December 12, 2014

My "Kitchen Gifts" Pinterest board

Some gifts from my own Christmas Kitchen
I tried to write this post several days ago.  I thought it would be nice to share some of the pins from my Kitchen Gifts Pinterest board.  I had the post all written, links in place and working, pictures added -- then something went wrong and the entire post disappeared completely while iPhoto popped up in its place.  I still don't know what happened; I've never had an occurrence like that before.

Anyhow, I am going to try and reconstruct the post.  I was planning to do one post concerning my Kitchen Gifts board here in my Christmas kitchen, and another on my regular blog, Across my Kitchen Table.
Blogger has been giving me fits with my links lately, so every time I add a link I must go into the HTML and take out stuff that Blogger has put in there extraneously.  It's very frustrating and makes doing posts with links quite the adventure.  Here goes:
To start with something sweet, this Smooth as Silk Fudge from Mandy's Recipe Box sounds delicious!
Photo by Mandy's Recipe Box
It's made with Symphony candy bars!

Reindeer Chow, from This Silly Girl's Life, is a fun variation on puppy chow or muddy buddies.
photo from This Silly Girl's Life
Or how about this Copycat Cowboy Bark from Averie Cooks?  It sounds loaded!
photo from Averie Cooks
This Warm Wishes cocoa mix from bhg is packaged in such a nifty way!  When I followed the link, though, I had some difficulty in accessing this project.  When I finally did get there, I found that specific instructions were not given.  One was instructed to put a bag of hot cocoa mix in the center of a far and add marshmallows and peppermints on the sides, then add a tag and bow.  Sounds fairly simple, though I think I might bag the marshmallows too to keep them soft.

photo from
I can think of a couple of people I might give these to.

Lastly, a couple of sweet packaging ideas!   If you follow the links to, you will also find links to the recipes pictured with the packaging.
The doily-wrapped foil pan is perfect for giving a family an entire 13x9 pan of goodies.
photo from
And last of all for this post (I will quit while I'm ahead) is a way to give one or several cookies as individually bagged cookies.  I have a few people in mind to give these to as well!
photo by
So there you have it!  Lord willing, there will be a similar post at Across my Kitchen table, with different pins featured, so you will want to check them both out along with visiting my Pinterest board!


  1. How I wished someone would me some gifts from the kitchen

  2. If we lived closer, I would bring you a cookie tray and a jar of hot chocolate mix!

  3. Anonymous8:13 AM

    That fudge looks amazing. Wish it were on my less sugar way of eating! :)

  4. 4 cups of sugar in addition to the candy bars does sound like an awful lot of sugar, doesn't it? If I try this I will compare it to some of my other fudge recipes and maybe cut back on the sugar.


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