Tuesday, December 09, 2014

My "Christmas Decorating Inspiration" Pinterest board

My vintage shadow box
 Today I want to showcase another of my Christmas-related Pinterest boards, and I've chosen my Christmas Decorating Inspiration board.  I'm sure some of us (like me) are still decorating, and I've chosen some easy ideas for mostly indoor spaces and one that could work outside or in.

Brittany, at Pretty Handy Girl, has shared some wonderful ideas in the post
Creating Seasonal Vignettes.
photo by Pretty Handy Girl
 I love the idea of using books in a vignette.  These Bobbsey Twins books are a perfect shade of green to use with vintage Christmas items.

Photo from Prairie Flower Farm
Linda at Prairie Flower Farm has some of the most beautifully simple ideas you will see, like this simple tree in a jar above.

This is another simple tree idea, but a bit fancier looking: mini tree in a teacup from Sandi at Christmas Pudding.  Her regular blog, Rose Chintz Cottage, is also well worth a visit.  Very inspiring!
Photo from Christmas Pudding
If (as I do) you love the idea of a little Christmas in every room, take a look at this Christmas kitchen corner from The Inspired Room.
photo by The Inspired Room
I love this vintage toy truck display and have got to check the cellar to see what we have down there in the way of vintage toy trucks.
photo from Wild Rose Vintage
And just one more.  This is lovely outdoors but I think it would also be nice on a porch.  It's an outdoor tablescape by Sweet Something Designs.
photo by Sweet Something Designs
Hope you have enjoyed this peek at a few ideas.  Be sure and visit my Christmas Decorating Inspiration board for more fabulous ideas.  I'm adding more all the time!


  1. I love using books, too. I don't have any lovely green ones, though. I generally have just burgundy or even just plain brown. However, they still make a pretty addition!

  2. I actually do have some of those nice green books -- I think the ones in the photo are Bobbsey Twins books.

    I need to do a lot more decluttering so I can actually do some vignettes with books. My flat surfaces are few and far between!

  3. the tree in the teacup is the one I like the most but I'm sure my hubby would love the vintage truck!

  4. They are both so cute. Maybe you could find a spot for both, in different areas of your home. I have one of those small trees like the one in the teacup; maybe I should find it a teacup to sit in.

    I'm pretty sure we have a vintage toy truck or two also, buried under stuff on my hubby's workbench.


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