Saturday, December 06, 2014

A vintage linen towel

One end of the towel
All summer and fall, I have been trying to do some sorting out, decluttering and cleaning at my dad's house.  There are so many storage areas that he never even looks at!  I did a bit of clearing out in the linen closet and one day I came upon this interesting linen Christmas towel.  I am guessing that my mother must have received it as a gift, as it doesn't really seem to be her taste.
The other end of the towel
 What I find so interesting is how there are all different types of motifs here, from tree ornaments to angels to elves to a little village.  They don't really seem to belong together, and yet they are tied together by the color scheme and by the common theme of Christmas. 
A closer look at some of the motifs.  See the tiny village in the center of the photo?
Hope you have enjoyed this peek at a vintage Christmas towel!

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