Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Now it feels like Christmas!

 For a long, long time, Mr. T and I have had a little tradition that we always do at least some of our Christmas shopping at a favorite shopping place made out of an old mill.  We used to do this when our kids were younger, usually at night when the waterfall would be lighted up.

After all of our kids were grown we continued this little tradition as a couple.  We have found that it's really fun to have our own traditions just for ourselves, and we don't feel deprived that our kids are off on their own.  Some years we haven't managed to get there, but we like to if at all possible.  No matter how cold it is or how icy the brick walkways may be, we try to go over and look at the waterfall.  Sometimes it is nearly frozen over.  It's a lovely seasonal sight that we don't tire of.

On Sunday evening we took a quick jaunt to a favorite book and toy store in this marketplace.  We found a couple of great books for the grandkids for Christmas.  Of course, we browsed other shops and made sure to visit the waterfall.  So now, Christmas can come.  Enjoy the pictures!


  1. Anonymous10:10 PM

    A pretty place for a wander around, even if you aren't shopping!


  2. Awesome tradition! Thanks for reminding me that I don't have to do everything with my kid!

  3. Welcome, ladies! Sorry I am so slow in replying to your comments.

    Les -- yes, it is a fun place for a wander around, indeed! I believe there are four floors of shops in this old mill building (next to the waterfall). A favorite breakfast and lunch spot is at the top -- Waterfall Cafe. And then there are many more shops in the courtyard.

    Terri -- yes, I have found it so much fun to just do special traditions with my hubby. Makes the season even more special.

    Stop in again soon, both of you!

  4. wow! wish there was something like this around here. Beautiful!

  5. It is a beautiful spot any time of year, but at Christmas it is especially beautiful. Did you check out the link and look at the different shops? If you ever get to New England for a visit, you will have to plan a trip to this market place!


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