Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A fun after-Christmas buy

One of the house lights
My hubby and I are not "shop until you drop" type people.  Only rarely will you find one of us at a Black Friday sale, and our world does not fall apart if we can't make it to an after-Christmas clearance.  Still, we enjoy checking the clearance sales if we happen to be in a particular store or in the vicinity of one.

Marshalls is one store that I will check the after-Christmas clearance in if it works out.  We like to pick up holiday coffee and freeze it.  This year we only found one type -- peppermint bark -- but we did pick up a bag.  I also found some sweet little gifts that will be perfect to include in a friend's Christmas package next year. 

So we only picked up a few items, but our favorite is this string of little house lights.
the label from the package
The lights strung above our photo wall
We found it impossible to get a good photo of the whole string.  You just cannot see the detail of these cute little houses.  I think they are made from balsa wood; from some light, thin wood, anyway, and are obviously laser-cut so light shines from the doors, windows, and trim.  They are battery-operated so you could put them anywhere.  Best of all, they would be appropriate to use at any time of year, not just Christmas!
Another close-up of one of the houses
Hope you've enjoyed this look at our after-Christmas find!


  1. What a darling garland of lights! I love that they look like gingerbread houses. I like the village under your Christmas tree too. I didn't even put my village out this year. I know, shame! My back has been giving me issues so I decorated very little this year. I am glad you mentioned my decorating the pink tree for Valentines Day. I have decorated trees in the past for that holiday but it never crossed my mind until now. So thanks for mentioning it and thank you too for your very sweet comment on my blog. Happy New Year and all the best in 2015!


  2. Sandi, I am glad you liked the garland of lights! They do look like gingerbread houses, don't they?

    I will be looking forward to seeing how you decorate the pink tree for Valentine's Day!

    You have a blessed 2015 too! The future may look a bit precarious, but it is in God's capable hands, we can be sure of that!

    God bless,
    Mrs. T

  3. How cute! I love them! We just got a Marshall's here; maybe I should pop in there this week.

  4. Marshalls is always worth a visit! They often have gourmet food on sale: coffees, teas, cookies/candy; even sometimes baking ingredients. Often they are items that would make fantastic additions to a gift basket.

    I have also found very nice children's clothes, books and toys there on clearance.


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