Friday, July 29, 2022

Gift ideas from the 1950s and 1960s


We may think of mid-century gift ideas as not particularly extravagant.  Things cost much less back then, and many gifts were handmade.  

Yet high-ticket Christmas gifts were sometimes given.  In looking through old Christmas magazines, I came upon a few of them that my readers might enjoy seeing.

A sewing machine was a hoped-for gift ....

What a surprise!

Give the gift of books!

How about a Coffeematic, circa 1958?  This was an expensive gift at around $30.

Ship'n'Shore blouses were a favorite gift for ladies or girls.

The gift packaging for these Cannon towels was pretty fancy!  Really, some of them were additional gifts in themselves -- fruit baskets or magazine racks.

Last but not least, extension phones!  These were not advertised as Christmas gifts per se, but as handy helpers during the Christmas season.

Aren't these vintage ads so much fun?  Hope you've enjoyed this peek into the past!


  1. Oh my goodness! I LOVE this! First of all, I have a "White Sewing Machine" cabinet base that I have made into my desk here for my computer. I used to have the whole cabinet that actually held my mother's SINGER sewing machine! The rest of the cabinet became difficult to work with as it aged and the wood was getting too splintery, veneer cracking, etc., but the black iron legs are still very functional. The treadle and wheel were long gone before I got it. I still have the drawers somewhere, waiting to be used in a project. But seeing that White sewing machine advertisement surprised me because I have never actually seen a "White" brand sewing machine! And the Better Homes & Gardens cookbooks have always been a favorite. My mother used hers faithfully, and I was given one as a wedding present that I still use today 53 years later! I remember the Ship 'n Shore blouses. Seems like they were really nice. Look at those prices! Wow! Would love to find one now at that price! That coffee maker was rather expensive for the time...but I understand that percolated coffee still tastes best...I don't drink coffee, but that's what I've heard. Cannon Towels are still good, and of course we remember the telephones with their LONG cords! However in my home growing up we never had an extension phone. Just the one ugly black phone in the living room that of course had to be dialed. Now yes, my parents did eventually get a touch tone phone, but never had more than one that I recall. At least not while I was living there. Therefore phone calls were always limited. I was not permitted to talk long "hours" to my friends. Thank you for this walk down memory lane. I enjoyed this, can you tell? Have a blessed day. Oh, I remember the Firestone records and stores.

  2. Blast from the past! I guess I'm vintage since I remember and/or used some of these products.

  3. I'd love a landline phone in that buttery yellow color! Why does it feel sometimes as we have gone backwards...fewer color choices for example. It is only recently that cars have some nicer colors. For a long while there, everything was a gray or white tone. It is fun to see the old ads.

  4. haha the extension phones wow! love the colors


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