Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Another fudge recipe


Photo from Pixabay

I just can't seem to stay away from Oreos as a fudge ingredient!  I guess maybe it's because our grandchildren so enjoy the jars of Oreos we keep on hand for them at our little camp.  

Before starting my Christmas in July posts, I came across a great resource of 40 Fantastic Fudge Recipes from Andrea at The Cottage Market. Peppermint Oreo Fudge is the first one I picked, and now I'm sharing Double Decker Oreo Fudge.  This is a recipe from Naomi Robinson at Bakers Royale.  It's one of those nice and easy fudge recipes that uses a can of sweetened condensed milk.

Screenshot from Bakers Royale

Doesn't it look good?  I think it would make a really yummy Christmas gift.  Maybe a tin with some of the peppermint oreo fudge and some of this might look nice.  But not everyone likes peppermint, I know.  I'm pretty sure I'll be trying this double decker oreo fudge come December, if not before!


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