Wednesday, July 27, 2022

A faded Polaroid


 I've written before about the Methodist Church Christmas fair which was such a part of my childhood Christmas seasons.  It seemed to get our family into the Christmas spirit.

There was time for photo ops throughout the fair, when kids could have their Polaroid photo taken with various Christmas props.  The photo at the top of the post is one of these.  I've posted others in the past, but this is one I found more recently.  It's faded and scratched.  I'm not sure what story it tells.  

My brother Mike is on the left and my brother Tim is at the right.  In the middle is my cousin Diane.  I find it interesting that only Diane is looking at the camera.  Both boys look rather sad and although they are holding props -- Tim has a Santa doll and I'm thinking Mike is holding a book -- they don't seem to be paying attention.  I'll never know what thoughts were going through their heads, as both have left this life some years ago.  

It's a little slice of life in a faded Polaroid.  I wish I knew more about it.  Have you ever come across a mystery photo like this?

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  1. I think the boys wanted something more exciting to hold than a Santa doll and a book. They probably wanted the Red Ryder BB Gun or a fancy dump truck or car toy. LOL. Yes, I often wish I could go back and see what the people in the picture were seeing and hear what they were hearing and understand better what was going on at that moment in time. So often the photos aren't labelled with dates or names or places, so all you have are faces that you may not even recognize. That's why I try to label the backs of my old photos so someday someone will look at them and know what they are looking at.


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