Friday, December 16, 2022

Ideals Christmas magazines


My memories of Christmas on the farm include a stack of Ideals magazines beside my grandmother's chair in the front room.  Oh, how I loved looking through those Christmas issues with their gorgeous photography, lovely paintings, Scripture, stories, essays,  poems, and sometimes even recipes.  I could spend hours with them!

In my stash of vintage paper treasures to scan and sell, I recently came upon this ad for Ideals extolling the delights of their Christmas issues.  

The page above and the one below both show a sampling of the beautiful photos, illustrations, and poems in Christmas Ideals.
Below are some of the other Ideals Christmas books that were available.  My family had Jolly Old Santa Claus, which was a fun story of the North Pole beautifully illustrated. 
As you will see from a couple of the illustrations below, it really reinforced our family's treatment of Santa Claus as a really fun but fictional fairy tale.

Santa is getting ready to head out on his journey.  You see Mrs. Santa has brought him a warm scarf.
Santa relaxing on the 26th!

Above are more of Ideals' Christmas books.  I do have Christmas Around the World and will eventually list it in my Etsy shop.

Ideals also published a digest size Christmas magazine that could be sent through the mail.  What fun it would have been to receive one of these!  I've sold several on Etsy.  Each one had a special, illustrated envelope to send the magazine out in.  The magazine and envelope below are from 1956 and the ones below that from 1955.  I especially love the envelope just below, with the sleigh and countryside scene.

Hope you've enjoyed this look at a vintage treasure with a special connection for me!

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  1. I LOVED the Ideals books. My parents always had them and I wish I could have gotten them from their home. I did get one back that I had given them, Christmas Ideals Vol. 48, No. 8. If I can figure my Roman numerals correctly it was from 1991. I also had a copy of it of my own, so now I have two! I may have to share one. I also have the The True Religious Christmas hardback book. I always put these out on the coffee table for the Christmas season, and had not done that yet, so thank you for reminding me! I also have one Mother's Day Ideals from 1985 that I had given my mother for Mother's Day, primarily because it had a lovely picture of lilacs on the front, which was her favorite flower and we could not grow them in Florida, much to her sorrow. Oh, thank you for sharing this today! Another walk down memory lane!


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