Sunday, December 03, 2023

Sunday Scripture


Again this year I want to share Scripture Sunday posts as part of December Daily.  Back in 2020 I used Peace, Be Still: A 31-Day Christmas prayer journal, from Women Living Well.  In 2022 I decided to use some of my simple study from this book as Scripture Sunday posts for December, using different posts on each of my blogs to keep it interesting for all of my readers.  So once again I will take two from each week's study to use one each on my blogs, and maybe next December do the same.  I have 31 entire days to choose from and so these should last us quite awhile.

Just a note that this simple study does not use the SOAP method as my studies usually do.  This one includes a verse for the day, a thought for the day,  a reflection question for the day and space to write a prayer for each day.  I tended to look at the verse a little bit in depth, and I tended to answer the reflection question in the prayer, but of course you can use these components any way you choose.  Here goes with the study for Week 1, Day 4!

Verse for the day:

"For the prophecy came not at any time by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit."  (2 Peter 1:21) 

My study:

If we look back to verse 19, we see that will do well to take heed to this "sure word of prophecy" -- in other words, to pay attention to God's word.  

We can only pay attention to God's Word, the Bible, if we are listening to it.  So we must make sure we are spending time in the Bible every day.  If we are listening to God's Word only on Sundays, we are missing out.  Time in the Bible is essential for us each and every day.

I love what C.I. Scofield wrote about these verses:

"Scripture predictions of future events were uttered so long before the events took place that no mere human sagacity or foresight could have anticipated them, and these predictions are so detailed, minute, and specific as to exclude the possibility that they were fortunate guesses ... it is certain, therefore, that the Scriptures which contain them are inspired."

Reflection question:

Do you need more guidance from the Lord?  Seek Him today ... get into His Word, talk to a godly friend, listen to an online sermon or spend time in worship.  Reflect on your daily life.  In what ways do you need to work on listening to God more?

My prayer:

"Dear God, I am so very thankful for Your Word.  Just thinking about the accuracy of prophecies  fulfilled, even the ones that quickly come to mind in a few minutes, is such a great confirmation that all of Scripture is inspired by You and is completely accurate.  Truly, we will do well to take heed to that "sure word".  I pray that You will help me to pay close attention to Your Word each day and to have an obedient heart to what it teaches me.  I pray in Jesus' name, Amen."

That's the Sunday Scripture for today!  Hope it was a blessing to someone!



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