Saturday, December 02, 2023

The 2023 tentative Christmas cookie list


 Here is my tentative Christmas cookie list for this year.  My lists are always tentative as we begin the season, because I never know when a new cookie recipe is going to cross my radar, or when an old favorite may come to my mind.  Mr. T (who now does almost all of the cookie baking) has expressed the thought that he would like to add one or two new recipes to the mix this year.  So I've added on my old favorite Pepparkakor, but I will be baking those since they are cut-out cookies, which he has never tackled.  I think he can handle the Double-Drizzled Pecan Cookies, the Peppermint Snowballs, the Gingerbread Brownies (all recipes I've made in the past) and the Chocolate-Dipped Maple Logs which have been on my want-to-try list for years.  And if another cookie recipe presents itself to him, he is likely to try that as well!

However, he has already made a good beginning on the Christmas baking list.  By Thanksgiving, he had made two batches of Heavenly Delight fudge already, along with a batch each of Secret Spice Cookies,   Sacher Torte Cookies,  Chocolate Spritz, and Chocolate Mint Crisps, plus a large batch of Whipped Shortbread.

Have you made a cookie list yet?  There is no time like the present -- and remember, this is a tentative list -- so the sky is the limit!  You can fine-tune the cookie list throughout the season as you go along.


  1. wow that is quite a list! Good for Mr.T for the baking. I've done my fudge, thumbprint cookies and skor's squares last weekend. I still have one more to do

    1. Both of those cookies sound so good, Lucie!


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