Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Now for the tentative 2023 kitchen gift list!


 And now, here is my last list for homemade Christmas treats.  You will notice there is plenty of room to add items to it.  

There are a few people on our list who love certain varieties of Christmas cookies so much that they receive them for a gift.  I usually purchase a pretty Christmas plate or tin that the recipient can reuse, then use it to contain their gift of cookies.  We have one person that always gets Eggnog Logs, another who always receives Sacher Tortes, and a whole family that loves the Chocolate Mint Crisps so much that the family receives one container and the teenage son gets a canister of cookies all his own!

Usually I buy the plates or tins on clearance after Christmas and save them until the next season.  But I've also found that our local, very well organized thrift store has some great options as well.

Pretty tin from Joann Fabrics

These cookie bags, which include a simple cardboard tray, come from Dollar Tree.

Cookie container from Walmart
Christmas doilies make any plate look festive.

This is an actual ceramic plate; I found this either at Walmart or our supermarket

I usually make Christmas Granola for our son-in-law and place it in a festive tin canister.  It's just my regular granola recipe with pistachio kernels and dried cranberries added to give it a Christmasy touch.

Apricot Cake is a huge favorite with my walking partner, so she will receive some little wrapped loaves of it for Christmas.

The freshly baked apricot cakes

And the apricot cakes all wrapped up for Christmas gifting

And it was in 2022 that I decided to try out some festive muffin recipes as potential Christmas kitchen  gifts.  I will be making some of those for gifts this year, but haven't yet decided which ones.

Those who are interested in any of these recipes may find them by simply doing a search here on the blog.  Hope my simple list of kitchen gifts has inspired you!

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  1. ah yes it is inspiring for sure! Love the mini loaf breads


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